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Monday, November 27, 2006

FreddyBoy1: FreddyBoy1

FreddyBoy1: FreddyBoy1

Things are still pretty much the same here.
I still web-surf everyday and work regularly on a few projects.
I still stumble accross things that blow my mind, so many that I could hardly begin to list them.
I learned a little code and put up a small geocities site.
I wrote it in html a while ago.
It was the first thing I tried to re-write in xml.
I am still working on it...haven't gotten it to validate yet.
I've been practicing my hand-coding everyday, like you would to learn a foriegn language or a musical instrument.
I've picked up enough tricks in 'Paint' to edit some photographs and produce pretty good graphics and I'm just starting to learn 'MovieMaker'.
Theres alot of old friends on my MySpace now and I've been selling some of the junk I always find on Craigslist.
I upgraded from html to xhtml and started re-learning and re-writing everything.
I've been taking notes and keeping lists.
Every coding language I've found has a page with a description in my notebook somewhere.
I have lists of browsers, fonts and command line prompts as well as stuff related to work and my projects.
Now I am starting to learn about xml and it is blowing my mind.
Xforms, Xlinks and Xpath, Xquery...I'm still learning 'objects'and namespaces.
I want to learn more.
I feel a big database coming on...ooh-ooh...!!
A big relational I gotta learn some 'C'
Everything is like that.
The more I learn, the more I find out things that I need to know.
It feels like the junior year of my self-education where at first I expected just a short course or two...and just like college, its hard to separate what is done for fun from the learning experiences.
I started hanging out on Yahoo Answers last year.
Its much more productive than camchatting.
Researching questions improved my 'search' skills, gave me a ton of cool bookmarks and has been fun.
Now there is msn answers, too...they call it 'Live QnA'.
I have come accross a few good ideas to make money, but have nothing actually finished and out there, yet.
It might be another year or so.
Good ideas are plentiful, but completing them takes time.
More so when you factor in the learning curve and the time to go back over everything again and again.
Its fun, though.
It does take up alot of time.
Its magic.
I can't stay away.
Plus, if I don't get some business going online, I'll be mopping floors 'till I die with no retirement in sight at all...nothing.
A painful old 'till I drop.
Fear is a great motivator.
Now that I've seen how much there is to learn in xml and some of what can be done, I know I gotta get busy.
I gotta cut down on my YouTube hours and quit spacing-out on MySpace so much.
Its all good.
Meanwhile, I am taking notes and bookmarking everything in hopes of making this path a little easier for the users behind me.
I have banged my head against the walls enough.
Its got to help somebody out, somehow.
I really have to be careful out here, too.
Like one Saturday morning, about a year and a half ago, I started reading about all these new 50cc scooters...
They make 'em four-stroke now.
You can get these cool little 50cc choppers with big front wheels, disk brakes and rear shocks.
The more I saw, the more I wanted, untill I found the perfect one.
Four-speed with a clutch.
All the lights, horn, turn signals, everything, even an electric start...for twelve hundred bucks FOB in Florida.
I called the boss to front me some cash and I'm lucky he didn't or I'd be riding some little 50cc scooter to this day...!!
Likewise, its the same with electronics.
Theres a small pile of stuff here that I bought new for whatever reason, that I found myself never needing or using.
The external hard-drive I was going to use for backing up my system...I might still use that if I ever figure out how to get a clean install.
Its mostly all there with the pile of stuff that I have bought and used and was later made obsolete by another upgrade, like my sound-card and a bunch of monitors.
Not to mention the 1 gig SD card that fried my two electronic cameras and all the stuff I just couldn't figure out.
Its all sitting there with basically no resale value.
I believe it would be easy to duplicate this whole rig I got here with less than half of what I've spent...!!
Whatever. I am fair game, I guess.
If thats what it takes to keep me rolling, so be it...!!
I'll do what it takes to stay in the game.
I don't have any regrets.
Everything is a trade-off and, ultimately, making it is about survival...!!
Have fun web-surfing and good luck with your projects...I'll be out here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This is FreddyBoy1 blogging from home on Blogger and Technorati...surfing the fat pipe 4.0Mb on 4 screens...I love the 21st century...!
Please stay tuned for my adventures, misadventures and reports as I surf the web and attempt to put up a few websites and make some money. The internet is hot...I'm all about it...!! I probably manage to average three or four hours a day out here. One principal that has made itself clear in every adventure here is the fact that more questions are typically raised than answered. Persuing any given end usually shows more things to be learned and a bookmark or two of some further interest. This I willingly endure....its a hobby, I am here voluntarily and whenever I need to I can just close everything and go back to the real world.
I live in a small city and use a bicycle to access all my needs quickly, so I can always get some air...hahaha...I love it...!!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Surf report...!!

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Gonna make this short & simple.I like to WebSurf so there'll be a lotta links...I'm a building super/maintenence man.Expect job re-lated pix..... I like bikes,local people & my hometown + I've got a Vid-camera on its way from tiger Direct.I'm gonna try 2 post some clips.... And,uh,I don't like 2 type/not good at it(slow).... A picture = 1000 words,prolly more 4 video.Why type...??! Contact me if you like 2 CamChat.... -FreddyBoy1